Monday, May 14, 2012

Tickled Pink!

Baby Bacon is a GIRL! We had an amazing day yesterday with our families gathered to celebrate Mother’s Day, my Mother-in-law’s birthday and, of course, finding out what kind of bacon we’re making. In a word? Priceless!

We decided to do the cake thing to find out if we’re having a boy or girl. Matt wasn’t completely sold on this to begin with, but, well, it’s cake! How can you really go wrong with that?

We decided to cut it before we ate so we wouldn’t all be scarfing down our lunch to get to dessert. It was a precious moment!

Despite the fact that my hunch was girl very early and all the “old wives tales” pointed to girl, I was still genuinely surprised to see that pink frosting.

After everyone left, we were so excited that we decided to go shopping to get started on her wardrobe. Miss Eliza is going to be a well-dressed baby! 

I could barely sleep last night. I kept thinking about dollhouses and ballet recitals and those obnoxiously large hair flower/bows that I think are crazy cute. She’ll have plenty of opportunities for sports and trains and the “boy” things, too, but for now I’m just relishing the thoughts of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Until she’s 13 and screams that she hates me as she runs down the hall. But that’s going to be OK, too. I’m pretty sure that part is just called payback—right, mom?

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