Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Half Baked!

Holy cow! Today I’m 20 weeks—I can’t believe we’re half way through this pregnancy and that Bacon will be here before we know it. After a first trimester that c r a w l e d along, the second trimester is just flying by. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since, you know, everyone said it would be this way. They also said that the last trimester would go back to a snail’s pace, so I guess this means I should enjoy the next few weeks before time slows back down.
20 weeks!
Late last week we had our “big” ultrasound, also known as the 20 week ultrasound and officially known as an anatomy scan. This is a 45-ish minute scan where they look at bones and organs and even lips to make sure that everything looks good and measures on track. Bacon’s anatomy is perfect! And the little stinker isn’t so little—s/he’s measuring at the 88th percentile in size. No tiny baby for us!

Sweet profile
We did get one bit of news that wasn’t perfect. I have a two vessel cord, also know as single umbilical artery. The cord usually has three vessels—a vein and two arteries. I have one vein and one artery. This is something that happens in 1-3% of pregnancies and could be problematic, but the doc is not at all concerned given the other factors that paint the bigger picture. I asked if this might keep the baby from getting the nutrients needed and she pointed out that at 88th percentile, this clearly isn’t an issue. But there is a chance it could become one, so we’ll have extra ultrasounds and just keep a close eye on things to make sure the Bacon Bit keeps up the pace and growth remains strong.

Can't wait to squeeze those hands!
Wondering if it’s a boy or girl? So are we! It’s been written down and sealed in an envelope to be opened on Sunday. We’re excited to have our families coming over to celebrate Mother’s Day and we’re going to have a little extra fun by finding out together if we’ve got a Baconator or Baconette cooking in there.

Perfect little foot! Kicks are getting stronger--Daddy got to feel them for the first time on Sunday.
It’s hard to believe we’ve only been in Austin for a little over a week. So much has happened already—and we found a house! I’m shocked that it happened that fast, but would rather find something we love right away than go down to the wire looking. The contract was executed today and we’re scheduled to celebrate our first anniversary by closing on our first house together.

Looks kind of like s/he's doing a flip. We're head over heals for you, Bacon!

Whew. No wonder I’m tired.

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